Patricia Siliko, healer and author

Patricia Siliko, healer and author

Patricia Siliko of Angel Guided Care has many ways of receiving divine guidance.

She will pursue any questions you may have, in a question/answer type of format.  She can do a channeled writing for you, or just a channeled message, which comes with a reiki treatment, or without one.

She delivers these messages true, word-for-word, from the sources she receives them from.  Please be aware that this is not her, but the divine guidance which you seek.

Pat is well aware of the power of these messages, for she has sought them for herself these past many years, and has received  and followed their guidance, to the fruition of her dreams.  She wishes now to share this with others, who may seek advice from the heavenly beings who give it.

Her healing work is surpassed by no one.  She is a conduit for the energy work that she does and the pure light healing that brings in many beings of light who help in the healing process.

These healing gifts that you receive from Pat are then yours to run with.  Your belief in it, your work with it, is what makes the healing come to you.  At just the right moment in time and space.

Your willingness to pursue this type of holistic care — blending mind, body and spirit — is to your utmost benefit in every way.

Please note that Pat will provide these services at a cost that is conducive to every client who seeks her services.

Be aware of the gifts of you finding this website here today.  Your prayers are being answered here and now, as you read this.

Please know that you were guided here and that these are the services you seek.  Please make contact with Pat here today.  She is here, waiting to hear from you now, and to help in her loving way.

As God has gifted her, she wishes to gift you with whatever it is that you seek for yourself and others.

Please make no mistake: your prayers are being answered.   And so it is.