Pat offers channeled classes on Reiki and Angels as she is guided.

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Reiki Classes,Price
Reiki I,$75.00
Reiki II,$150.00
Reiki III (Reiki Master),$225.00

What the Angels Want You to Know
A class using Pat’s book as a workbook. Her book Angels Say… will lead to discussion and questions. Much shared by Angels that they consider important to all of mankind. Come prepared to receive answers as well.
Cost: $75 (includes the price of the book Angels Say…)

How to Hear Your Angels
A class of utmost importance if hearing your Divine guidance is a priority to you. Pat gives an attunement during class to help open you to receiving the guidance that you seek. If you are willing, your heart will open and your spirit will soar as you partake of the Angels advice and offerings.
Cost: $50

Getting to Know the Archangels
An experience of a lifetime as you receive the direct contact with the Archangel specified in each class. The knowledge received will change your life in a positive way as you access the Divine through Pat.
Cost: $50 per class in the series

The fees quoted here are for classes given at Pat’s own Spiritual center, Angel Coalition, located in Litchfield, Ohio.
These classes are offered at other locations as well. Prices may vary.

To learn more about class dates, times, and locations, and to reserve your spot, contact Pat.  Her cell number is 330-421-8884 or you can contact her through the contact form on this website..