I have a story to tell. It’s a story of a wonderful lady and a man with pain and injuries.

In 1992 I was severely injured and spent three months in Cleveland Metro Hospital. I had suffered extensive damage to my pelvis and left leg and was told I would never walk again. It took a couple years to leave the wheel chair and start using crutches, two Canes, one Cane, then finally no Cane.

Now It’s twenty years later. I walk with some pain daily, weather brings pain, but these things are manageable. What I didn’t count on was recurring excruciating pain in my left leg. With out warning it would be there, feeling like a pulled muscle or pinched nerve. This would happen once or twice a month. Doctors didn’t know what it was or what to do for it. This went on for many years.

I repair small engines, lawn tractors, mowers , etc. One day Pat Siliko called me about repairs to her lawn tractor. I believe it was a Sunday. My wife took the call, and I ignored it for a couple days, as I was having severe pain in my left leg. Then I though I better call and see what this is about. I explained to Pat my situation,then went to look at her tractor. Pat stayed in the garage while I worked on the tractor. She could see I was having great difficulty getting up and down and moving around.

Pat said,  “I think I can help you, have you ever heard of Reiki? I said “no,” and continued to work. As I finished working Pat said, “Should we try the Reiki?” I have an open mind and I said yes, I was quite dirty and didn’t want to go in Pat’s house. “We can do it right here in the garage,” Pat said. She pulled a couple resin chairs side by side. As we sat there Pat talked of angels and God. Although Pat never touched me I could feel the energy.

This session lasted 30 or 45 minutes. I felt completely weightless, even my feet felt like they were not touching the floor. I drove home, a trip of just a couple of miles. As I entered my home I noticed the left leg pain was gone. And over this past year had not returned. To me this was a miracle.

To date I have had more sessions and more miracles. Pat is a “Reiki Master” with a true gift from God.

— B.H., Medina, OH


Twenty-five years ago, I suffered an injury to one of my eyes that left my without sight in that eye.  A subsequent surgery resulted in me having traumatic glaucoma — like the glaucoma that most people are familiar with, an increased pressure in the eye, but as the result of injury or damage rather than something naturally occurring.  Before getting effective treatment, the pressure would sometimes get so high and the resulting pain so intense that it felt like my head was coming apart.  Fortunately, I did get effective treatment within a month of the botched surgery and I have been in relative comfort ever since.

Using her skills and God-given gifts, Pat has been able to greatly reduce the pressure in my damaged eye.  Before seeing Pat, I was using a prescription eye drop in that eye twice a day.  Since seeing Pat, I now use the drop once or twice a week at most.  My most recent trip to the ophthalmologist showed that the pressure in that eye continues to be within normal ranges, even though I have all but eliminated the use of medication for my glaucoma.

Thank you, Pat.  You’ve made a believer out of me.

— J.R., Columbus, OH